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Hugh Siegman is an international traveler and photographer. His passion is fine art & travel photography and he combs the planet for memorable and powerful images.

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Guestbook for Hugh Siegman Photography
Artie Butler(non-registered)
As you know I live a life of music. Music is something you want to listen to only if it is good. I listen to your pictures with my eyes. They are beautiful, full of passion, depth and each one has a beginning, middle and an end. Bravo my friend. Play on .... play on.
Artie Butler
mary ann furnish(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing, having ignited my passion for travel, you have captured the essence of peoples and places and heart - in fact you have surpassed my remembrances. Your passion shows and it is inspiring to see you fulfill your dreams. Talent and effort have absolutely fused. So delightful, these say so much more than words. I cannot wait to spend more time reviewing and sincerely plan more trips. Keep these coming.
Ilene Wiener(non-registered)
These are the most beautiful photographs I think I've ever seen. You really captured the culture, and what the people's lives are . You should definitely try to publish these.
William Sager(non-registered)
To say that your photos are great wouldn't do them justice. They bleed emotion, spirit and reflect a slice of life that I've never seen. I'm amazed at some of the things, faces and surroundings that you've captured. The pictures of the telephone poles with the few hundred tangled wires speaks volumes as do the conditions in which people live in India. You've captured some great pictures and not only from India but as I look at some of the other galleries from all around the world. You need a show/gallery! You have a keen eye for this indeed.
Anita Siegman Krakow(non-registered)
You've encountered and captured beauty in people and places of unspeakable poverty.
And the colors, the colors!